Technically speaking a mala is a simple string of beads, but in reality they are so much more than that.  Mala, Mala Beads, Prayer Beads, Buddha Beads…. these mystical tools can be made from many different materials, and are generally used for the same purpose, but they hold a very personal and spiritual significance to those who wear them.

You might be thinking…why do I even need a mala to meditate?  Getting comfy on a pillow with a candle, some sage and a mala sounds easy, right?  The reality is meditating is hard, especially in this age of constant stimulation. A mala is a great supportive tool to help you shed all distractions during your practice, guide you in your spiritual journey, and foster your connection to your spirit.

But a mala has uses beyond just meditation. People choose their malas for so many different reasons. Do you want to work on your spiritual journey? Balance your chakras? Have more abundance in your life? Work on achieving your goals?  Well there is definitely a mala for that. Wearing a mala is the perfect way to carry around a physical reminder of your devotion, and help keep you focused on achieving those goals.

So yes, rock your mala during that japa meditation session, but then keep it on as you go about your day.  (We wear ours as we run errands, on nights out with friends, and are always sure to pack it for retreats!) Every time you catch a glimpse of it out of the corner of your eye, or feel it’s weight around your neck, you’ll be reminded of the reason you put it on that morning.

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