Laurel Van Matre

“Move from what you think to the way you feel.”

A yoga teacher, world traveler and business owner,  Laurel Van Matre brings her authenticity, sense of humor and the wisdom gleaned from her lifelong wellness journey to GYPSET Yoga Retreats.

Laurel spent years traveling through Europe and Asia before starting her own garden design business. Soon, she began practicing yoga as a student. Then she began teaching classes, and has since become teacher of teachers in her Northeast Minneapolis yoga studio, YOGA Garden.

Her experience has given her the ability to meet the student where they are in their practice, helping them find a way to access poses that elude them, whether they are beginners or advanced. While many people think of yoga is as meditative, making it fun is equally important to her.

As her yoga practice evolved, Laurel began sharing her experience with corporate clients as a motivational speaker and strategic consultant. Using themes from yoga, she helps people improve themselves both personally and professionally. She recently sold her garden design business to focus on her passion for yoga and innovation.

Laurel is a gardner, a cyclist and a enjoys good wine and good food. When she’s not traveling the world teaching GYPSET Yoga Retreats she teaches out of her studio in NE Minneapolis, YOGA Garden.

Style: alignment-based vinyasa flow, nidra, restorative and individual coaching
Inspiration: gardening, sunshine, the ocean, traveling the world and listening to people’s stories, meeting new people, her family and an appreciation for moving through the world as an individual and how we all do that while at the same time together as a group.


As a lifelong student of yoga, I’ve had many instructors—some good, some great. Laurel is amazing. She keeps things fresh and challenging, and somehow finds a way to teach to every imaginable level at the same time. It can’t be easy, but Laurel manages to be one of the best instructors in the city, and we are fortunate to have her. Julie R.

Minneapolis, MN

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